Authorized by the Science & Technology Department of Ministry of Information Industry in August 2001, China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Working Group (hereinafter called ChinaBWIPS) is a non-profit organization that is organized by domestic institutions and companies voluntarily. ChinaBWIPS conducts the technical standard development in Broadband Wireless IP area and the relevant research. The major tasks of ChinaBWIPS are:

1. Conduct research and technology investigation on the broadband wireless IP standard system and provide suggestions for the constitution and modification of standard and on standard research unite;

2. Organize the draft, comment and review task for standard development.

3. Organize the discussion, disseminate, consultation, service, training and the third-party authorization of the relevant standard domestically and internationally to promote the realization of the standard for broadband wireless IP.

4. Develop the correlated home standard research with the international standard research organization; submit and recommend the proposal for correlated international standard.

5. Take in hand the activities correlated with broadband wireless IP assigned by the Ministry of Information Industry.




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