With the fast development of Internet and mobile communication, it becomes a flag of IT industry to change the communication that “serves to the home” to “serve to people” as the embodiment of science and technology of modern society and the way of living. Therefore, mobile network came into existence as a personal effective way of communication. In the IT field of 21 century, mobile computers, network fundamental infrastructure, e-commerce and software application would be the 4 technologies that influences the human being most.

The development of Internet and the importance of IP protocol in the Internet determine that in the near future the broad band IP network would be the key point of the development of network. There are developing directions in to achieve mobile computer in broad band IP network: one is the transmission from the present 2.5 generation (GPRS, for example) or the 3 generation (WCDMA, CD_SCDMA, for example) honeycomb mobile phone system to the overall IP; this is WAN scheme; and the other is the overall IP network made up of wireless LAN and Internet; and this is LAN scheme. In the WAN scheme, mobile communication is based on circuit switch and the present service supplied is voice. With the more and more obvious IP trend of the development of the network, mobile communication transmits IP service through modification and then enter the network; the IP trend of the mobile communication is the only way of the connecting, and this road is called from “IP” to “connecting”; as the change (from circuit switch to group switch) in communication switch mechanism is embodied in the course of evolvement, and because of the confinement of band and cost, the application is confined much. While in LAN scheme, wireless itself is the expansion and confinement of wired LAN with IP mechanism; during the course of evolvement the transmitting way is changed from “wired” to “wireless”, which is directly achieved by means of broadband wireless IP technology on the basis of Internet; it is easy and convenient. This decides the bright future of wireless LAN technology and products.

In international, with the more wide and in-depth influence of electronic communication industry, successful running of all standards organization provide powerful guarantee for the high and stable development of the industry. With the entry of China into WTO, the steps of global economics are getting more and more fast, while there is little or none standards in the computer network, especially wireless IP in China, which is disadvantageous for the home and abroad market and the competition of technology. In order to promote network construction, increase the international status of our country in wireless IP, it is necessary and urgent to master key technology, set up correlated standards in wireless IP and found the standard working group in wireless IP.

Under the direction of the Ministry of Information Industry, the “Chinese Broadband wireless IP Standard Working Group” meeting was held in Beijing in August 2001, with 20 or so attendants. Nowadays the initial members of Chinese Broadband wireless IP Standard Working Group are IWNCOMM.Co.Ltd, XiDian University, Beijing Institute of Post and Telecommunications, Xi'an Institute of Post and Telecommunications, HanWang high-tech Co.Ltd of Wuhan, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Guilin university of electronic technology, China Commercial Key Research Center, national Radio Monitoring Center. We should promote the technology invention in broadband wireless IP, enforce the competition of independent intelligence property and meet the challenges of market.

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