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Key technology for GB 15629.11-2003
GB 15629.11-2003: define the wireless connecting of Media Access Control and Physical Layer regulations that could be used in fixed, portable and mobile circumstance in local region. It supplies wireless connection for the auto settings that need fast configuration, equipments or websites, which could be carried by hand or in a car. In order to achieve locale region communication, the standard also provides ways for the management organization to use one or more frequency channels. It clearly describes the function and service needed in the ad hoc network and basic-organized network; also it describes the station mobility in these networks. The standard defines MAC regulation by supporting MAC Service Data Unit (MSDU) to deliver service; and defines several PHY technology and interface function controlled by MAC. The standard allows the equipments to be operated in a WLAN and this WLAN could co-exist with many overlapped WLANs. The standard also describes requirements and regulations in order to supply security for the users in wireless media and make authentication of the equipments. The security mechanism WAPI in GB 15629.11-2003 adopts the key certification mechanism based on ellipse, and wireless client STA and Access Point do bi-directional authentication by Authentication Server. Authentication Server supplies the function of sending out, authentication and revoke of certification; when STA connects to an AP, the bi-directional certification authentication between STA and AP and negotiation session key could be accomplished. When encrypting to the transmitting data, the course of encryption and decryption is realized by the algorithm hardware supplied by the National Commercial Key Management Office, which fully guarantees the security of transmitting data.

Key technology for GB 15629.1101-2003
GB 15629.1101-2003: regulates that wireless LAN adoption of the physical layer of 5GHz; and the modulation is the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing; the transmitting speed is 6Mbps~54Mbps. Such kind of speed could meet the requirement of indoor and outdoor.




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