Review Meeting for GB 15629.11 and GB 15629.1102

 On Jan.8, 2003, the  review meeting was held in Beijing YingWu meeting center discussing the national standard  wireless LAN media access control and physical specification (for  review) and wireless LAN media access control and physical specification: 2.4GHz physical expansion (for  review). Pro. Wang Runsheng from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is the meeting presider, and the attendants are from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the 15th research center of the Ministry of Information Industry, China Information Security Test Authentication Center, the 4th office of the Ministry of Information Industry, Frequency Management Office of the Radio Spectrum Management of P. R. China, National Radio Monitoring Center, the Southeast University, National Key Management Committee Office, High-tech Department of China Standards Committee, Science Office of the Ministry of Information Industry, Xi Dian University and IWNCOMM Co., Ltd.; totally there are 23 people from 12 organizations .


Dr. Huang Zhenhai, on behalf of standard development group, made a report to the review committee. The review committee suggested making following modifications to these standards after serious discussion:
1. The compilation of the two standards is completed, the contents are integrated and these two standards meet the requirements of national standards;
2. The two standards conform to the corresponding regulations specified in related national rules;
3. The two standards are very practical since the developers made specific and detailed modifications considering the reality in China and based on the related international standards.


The development of these two standards plays an active role in regulating and leading the market of domestic wireless LAN and the development and application of such products. The review committee unanimously agrees to the  review of the two standards and suggests the developers to make corresponding modifications to these two standards prior to submit for approval.


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