Result Came out after Years of Hard Work
---Vice Minister of Ministry of Information Industry,Lou Qinjian listened to the report from ChinaBWIPS

On June, 12 2003, the wireless LAN standard working group made up of the contact people from the Ministry of Information Industry working group committee, broadband wireless IP standard working group, China Electronics Standardization Institute and IWNCOMM.Co.Ltd made special report to the vice minister of Ministry of Information Industry Lou Qinjian about the development of work and the result, under the organization of the Ministry of Information Industry. Main principal people of Ministry of Information Industry Science Office, Commercial Reform and Running Office, Electronic Information Management Office, Wireless Management Office and telecom attended the meeting.

In the course of report, Lou Qinjian minister and the attendants made speech, which praised the work of the working group and asked for the next steps of the work. The leaders of the working group pointed out that the lost of work done by the working group is not only beneficial but also significant to the wireless LAN industry of our country.

China Electronics Standardization Institute, IWNCOMM.Co.Ltd and other principal people that were responsible for the draft of standards also made report from the point of view of the organization of the standards, the products referred by standard and the applications.

Finally, Lou Qinjian pointed out in the summary that:
The wireless LAN standard is representative widely, and accords with the principle of fairness, justness and openness. For example, IWNCOMM.Co.Ltd could pay attention to the practical and could consider things from the view of products and industry; China Electronics Standardization Institute coordinate with the standard; as the leading university in the field of communication, XiDian University made contribution to the standard work; the participation of Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications made the coming out of standard could consider the application of telecom (post); as the basic research and management organization, China Key Research Center made great promoting function to the spread of standard. China Wireless Detecting Center could manage the standard and products in the wireless frequency, so it is also significant for the spread of standard.

In the course of the making out of the standard, it gained the support of the 863 Project, which means that the technology the standard used is the highest of the country; the support of Natural and Scientific Funds of China means that the technology referred is basic; also it gained the support of the China Standard Committee, which means that the standard for wireless LAN is imperious. The standard gained the support of the above organization, showing that the standard is advanced.

In the field of correlated industry, Lou Ministry showed that in order to popularize the standard, the industry should follow its steps; the Ministry of Information Industry would commend producers to the standard working group and its main member organization to promote the carrying out of the standard. The Ministry of Information Industry would also support the work of the working group to promote the coming out of correlated standards. At the same time, the standard should be widely propagandized and later the propagandization should be reinforced, for example, the Ministry of Information Industry could organize, and the Chinese Standard Committee attends the press conference. The standard should be populized in colorful and effective way.

Lou Ministry pointed out at last that it is not easy to do the past 2 years work and it is effective and made result. It is hoped to do a better job in the future. The words inspired every one at present greatly.

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